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Throughout time, scientists and philosophers have debated the connection between the mind and body.

Research has shown and we can learn experientially that the mind and body affect one another.

When we are free of distraction, focused on our goals, content in our work, in our home and in our relationships, we are happy, we are healthy. Our mind and body are working together seamlessly.

Decisions, responsibilities, expectations, deadlines, health issues, emotional trauma and our past experiences can build up, breaking down the balance between the mind and body causing the immune system to weaken, illness to emerge, challenges to overwhelm and relationships to unravel, sending our emotional and physical health into crisis.

Combining western psychology, good health habits, eastern philosophy, yoga, meditation and Reiki energy work, Karen provides a comprehensive wellness package tailored just for you to balance your mind and body.

  • Relieve stress, pain, chronic illness
  • Heal and prevent specific injury
  • Succeed in personal challenges
  • Develop a strong sense of self

I offer you this knowledge and experience hoping that you will discover the multidimensional being that you are.

Karen Romani holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology, holds a 200 hour certification in Yoga therapy, is a Master level Reiki practitioner, and a teacher of meditation. She has been helping others to balance the mind and body since 1996. Professional, certified, and insured.